Third Party Drivers are at a distinct safety disadvantage while working at locations. They are not familiar with many of the hazards and special conditions that exist at your site. As a result, it is imperative to give drivers sufficient training to help them understand how to properly operate and work while on your property. MTS is THE leader in providing safety training to the Metals industry in North America. MTS has been serving the industry for more than 20 years and we are extremely knowledgeable in virtually all processes and hazards. This enables us to develop highly relevant training that helps keep driver safe while they are on your property.

How Works

The MTS DRIVER-TRACK System Gives You

Cost Savings

Most companies rely on their own employees to do some or all of the driver training or have no training at all. By using the MTS DRIVER-TRACK system, no internal resources are needed in order to deliver high quality driver training.

More Consistent Training

MTS will work with you to develop custom video-based training that addresses the site-specific hazards that Drivers must know to operate safely at your facility. We will also address any rules, policies, and practices that they must adhere to while in your plants. This training is delivered to the drivers on an individual basis. Our video-based training is more consistent than instructor-led training because it guarantees that all of the necessary information will be covered.

More Control

The MTS DRIVER-TRACK system gives you more control over the driver training process. The training includes interactive testing that confirms that the drivers have viewed and understood the training material. DRIVER-TRACK also provides you and the individual driver companies with a variety of reporting tools to effectively manage the driver employee training process.

Powerful Tools to Manage Driver Training

MTS has developed powerful tools to help you manage driver training. The MTS DRIVER-TRACK system utilizes a database to record all driver training and testing. Reports and notifications are available for your company, the driver's company and the driver. The DRIVER-TRACK database is updated immediately upon completion of a driver training session. A driver can actually take the training in your parking lot using a smartphone, pass the test and then walk straight to your guardhouse and be eligible to immediately enter. DRIVER-TRACK keeps track of training anniversary dates and can be configured to automatically send emails to the driver's company and the driver to remind them that they must take the training again in order to stay current.

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